About the Founder

My name is Tjitske Bezema. My dream is to find, together with others, the answer to the question “How to make and keep your immune system healthy?” and to help people doing so. That’s why I founded Immunowell.

I’m a PhD graduate in theoretical physical science and a post-doc graduate in operational audit. I gained 16 years of experience within corporate business, the last 4 years with ProRail as a programme manager founding a big scientific programme, where twenty PhD students from within different disciplines (from technical to behavioural scientists) worked together towards finding solutions to improve railway operations. My responsibility was to connect PhD students, research and programme organisation and to keep focus on the joint objective.

Why Immunowell

During the last couple of years my personal life got distressed with close beloved ones suffering from immune disorders, which has had a major impact on their quality of life, meaning that over the years bodily functions gradually slow up, involving pain and distress. All that without any prospect of recovery, leaving the patient struggling to maintain a positive mindset each day.

What struck me most was that medical science does not always offer substantial solutions. Subscribed medication tends to only contain the disease or to only suppress symptoms. Beside the disease itself, side effects may even cause further decrease of quality of life. On a daily basis I experience how this affects patients, which really touches me.

This moved me to acquire more insight in the immune system, in how it functions, in how to make and keep it healthy.

Questions that are not easy to answer, even more difficult than when improving railway operations in the Netherlands. As we then managed to make progress by approaching the issue from different perspectives, it occurred to me to approach the issue of “how to make and keep ones immune system healthy” from different perspectives as well. That’s why I initiated to set up a broad Community involving people who are willing to and capable of doing research into the subject.


The urge to wanting to know about ‘the nature of people and things” is part of my being. It is the reason why I chose to study physical science, and afterwards to join corporate business. I like to set up and make innovative projects successful. I am creative (writing, designing) and find my peace in nature, such as gardening and creating beauty by landscape architecture using different plants. Balancing creativity, intuition and rational thinking is my theme of life.

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