Current treatment

Untill now treatment of CID aimes to control symptoms. Some time ago aspirine-like medicine (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), corticosteroids and in severe cases cyclofosfamide where the most important treatments. Nowadays also medicine like methotrexate and biologicals like TNF-blockers are used.

De biologicals are very expensive but have improved treatment possibilities substantially. Other biologicals for treatment of CID’s are still in the pharmaceutical pipeline. The increasing complexity of those biologicals, together with their high price and the fact that the effect on different people of these biologicals can be very different, calls for the education of specialists in the field of immunology and treatment of CID.

Whole system approach

We need to discover which biomarkers and which inflammation mechanisms are most important in individuals with CID and how they are of influence on their symptoms. The most important challenge is to develop a therapy aimed at the causes of CID that takes into account the complexity of the immune system as a whole. Such a therapy is still not available yet.

The Immunowell research programme “Towards an Immune Fitness Model” aims to develop knowledge on the immune system as a whole and which elements have an essential influence on its fitness.

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