“Towards a world of healthy people with a fit immune system”: we welcome all organisations that share this vision to be our sponsor. Ideally we gather a large number of diverse organisations that each contribute a modest amount. By doing so we not only fund but at the same time reach a large group of people who will become familiar with the concept of immune fitness.

Organisations that sponsor Immunowell are pioneers, just as the other members of the Immunowell Community. They help realise our vision and create the opportunity to conduct innovative scientific research.

To become an Immunowell sponsor, contact us. To keep in touch with Immunowell please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or our company page on Linkedin.

Click to see our sponsors that supported us from the very beginning.

Donations can be transferred to account number NL65 KNAB 0280 4505 67 to the credit of Stichting Immunowell in Utrecht (Netherlands).

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