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Together with the Focus Group “Experiental Experts”, Immunowell develops a platform (ImmunoWeb) for and by patients suffering from a Chronic Immune Disorder (CID). On this accessible online platform patients can donate their stories. The information obtained is examined by a group of patients, doctors and scientists. Its results are shared with the ImmunoWeb Platform on a regular basis. Each and every personal story contributes to more understanding and insight for everyone and are also used as input for new scientific research.

hands met spreuk ENA main thing you will find on ImmunoWeb is the possibility to donate your story. Your story will then be one of many stories that can be evaluated together as a whole, which can lead to new insights derived from all experiences of patients with a CID. Donating your story means more than just filling in a questionnaire. You story and those of others help determine new directions for research. We strongly believe that collecting and evaluating stories is a powerfull way of giving everyone a voice: your story matters and can help others. If you like this approach please donate to Immunowell so we can make this platform come true.

The method we use as mentioned before is Participatory Narrative Inquiry, which is new in the field of medical immunological science. To implement this method further, the company Hidden Health Solutions is started in november 2017. Hidden Health Solutions leads and facilitates projects where the experiences of patients with a CID are collected and analyzed. These projects are carried out for organisations whose customers are patients. Part of the revenues from these commercial activities can then be invested in the development of ImmunoWeb.

Besides collecting stories ImmunoWeb will also be a platform where: 

  • You can find information on Chronic Immune Disorders (CID’s), what are they?
  • You can find information on Immune Fitness, what is it, how can it be improved?
  • Results from Immunowell and other research will be presented in an understandable way
  • Experiental experts (patients), scientists and care providers can start their own initiatives regarding Chronic Immune Disorders and/or Immune Fitness

We hav a concrete plan for the realisation of ImmunoWeb. In order to realise this plan we are building a steady team that can also gather the necessary financial means.

Possible insights from collecting and evaluating many stories

Possible insights from collecting and evaluating many stories

Functionaliteit ImmunoWeb EN

What you can find on ImmunoWeb

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