Positioning of research

There are not many research projects that conduct the research in the way Immunowell is setting up. In the depicted list, coming from preliminary research of 4 students of Utrecht University, there are some cohorts, consortia and other initiatives that do some aspects of what we are trying to do. The Immunowell initiative is innovative in its approach and in the designated results:

ListofcohortsApproach innovativity

  • Known approach: immune system blueprints
  • Fairly new: immune response patterns (in stead of one-moment-measurements)
  • Fairly new: linking non-physical (psychological) indicators to immune parameters
  • All new: include Chronic Immune Disorders
  • All new: link immune response patterns to other physical & psychosocial response patterns √°nd to immune system blueprint

Innovativity of designated results

  • New: extended immunological phenotypes from insights in the interactions between¬†immune response patterns, other physical & psychosocial response patterns and immune system blueprint
  • New results: (1) diagnostic tools and (2) leads to enhancement of immune fitness and prevention, treatment and precision medicine for Chronic Immune Disorders

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