Immunowell Foundation

The purpose of the Immunowell Foundation is to find an answer to the question “how can you make and keep your immune system healthy?”


Towards a world of healthy people with a fit immune system

Imagine a world where people can enhance their health and well being by knowing the fitness of their immune system and what influences it. This knowledge is scientifcally sound and at the same time based on experiental knowledge. Medical practitioners also make use of this knowledge and incorporate it in their advice and treatment.

In this world there are a number of possibilities for the prevention and treatment of Chronic Immune Disorders such as Rheumatic Disease, Allergy, Diabetes, MS, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and rare diseases. Moreover, those addressed as being “well” yet experiencing a low health related quality of life, will be able to identify the role their immune fitness plays in these situations, and find possible solutions to solve this.


The Immunowell Foundation develops scientific knowledge and methods about how to enhance immune fitness. We organise innovative multidisciplinary scientific research that enriches immunological knowledge with experience based knowledge of a large group of Chronic Immune Disorder patients. The research incorporates a broad view on health, by including social and psychological aspects to determine what influences immune fitness.

Immunowell Scientific Initiative for Immune Fitness

Our mission is being realised by the Immunowell Community through our initiative, the “Immunowell Scientific Initiative for Immune Fitness“, that sets the goals for the coming years.

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