A growing group of individuals (volunteers) have joined forces to make Immunowell a success. The Foundation consists of a board, advisors, a social media coordinator and volunteers who assist in organising and structuring the activities and the focus groups who in their turn define the framework of the research needed.

Board Members

Tjitske Bezema (Chair)

Frank Bezema (Treasurer)

Gerard Grimbergen (Board Member)

Anje te Velde (Board Member)

Immunowell Community

Read more about the Immunowell Community and its focus groups.

Operational team

Tjitske Bezema, Michiel Steffelaar and Anje te Velde prepare the Immunowell events and focus on communication and funding. We would like to add two more people to our team. If you’re interested please contact us.

Social Media Coordinator

Drs. Lilian Jans-Beken, Promovenda Positive Psychology at the Open Universiteit, leading research into the association of gratitude, psychological disorders and mental well-being.

Logistic support

A few volunteers support in organising and designing the activities, and assist in logistics (like venues), defining of themes, programme and content.


Prof.Dr. Berent Prakken (Professor of Pediatric Immunology at UMC Utrecht).

Dr. Shanti van Dam (founder of Value Media, producer of film and advisor on the visibility of the exchange and valorisation of scientific knowledge. Alexander de Haan (TU Delft, University Teacher ‘Solving Complex Problems”). Femke Merkx (Advisor, trainer and facilitator in the field of joint knowledge creation, founder of

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board will be appointed as soon as the realisation of our iniative will take form. The Board guarantees the quality level of the research programmes. At the moment the Reflection Group “Science” fulfills its role.

Wim’s blog

Wim’s blog is an initiative of Wim van Dijk. Since June 2014 Wim writes a blog about sustainability on With his blog he informs about positive developments on the subject of sustainability and hopes to reach an audience as big as possible. As an ‘experiental expert’, suffering from a chronic disorder himself and with a son suffering from an auto-immune disorder, he is highly interested in the sustainability of health and the immune system. Wim is married to a teachter and father of two children. With “Wim’s blog” he intends to bring positive and striking articles under the attention of a big audience.


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