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Immunowell focusses on defining a research programme on ‘Immune Fitness’ and an ‘experiental expert’ platform ImmunoWeb. This requires an approach where each separate field is dedicated to work in smaller specialised committees. Immunowell defined three focus groups: ‘Science’, ‘Experiental Experts’ and ‘Holistic Approach’. The multi disciplinary approach remains, because Immunowell organises activities exchanging data results of each separate committee. The next meeting session takes place on 8 October 2015.

Its members are people with relevant backgrounds, who believe in the cause and Immunowell’s approach, and are willing to invest their time. Whenever needed Immunowell will involve more people from within specific fields. In the coming months Immunowell will be working towards a clear organisational structure, which enables organisations to join as partners or sponsors: the Immunowell Scientific Initiative for Immune Fitness.

Focus Group “Science”
Objective: scientific research towards a measurable methodology for the immune system
Participating: immunology, complex adaptive modeling, psychology
(see below for list of members)
Focus Group “Science” also consists of a Reflection Group “Science” in order to reflect all data/results coming from the Focus Group “Science” itself

Focus Group “Experiental Experts”
Objective: open analysis of patient experience, defining trends, a platform empowered by immune patients
Participating: Patients suffering from Chronic Immune Disorder (immune diseases) and relatives/friends of such patients
(for obvious reasons participation is anonymous)

Focus Group “Holistic Approach”
Objective: stimulate whole system thinking in scientific research, complement the process with health care aspects
Participating: Oriental philosophy, integral health care
(six members, list to follow)

Members Focus Group “Science”

Prof. Dr. Erik Hack, Professor of Immunology and Head of the Infection & Immunology Centre at UMC Utrecht
Dr. Joris van Montfrans, Paediatrician-Immunologist at Wilhelmina Paediatric Hospital / UMC Utrecht
Prof. Dr. Irma Joosten, Professor of Medical Immunology and Head of the Laboratory for Medical Immunology at Radboud University Nijmegen
Dr. Aletta Kraneveld, Senior University Lecturer Immunopharmacology at the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences  at Utrecht University and Chair of  FIGON
Dr. Anje te Velde, Principle Investigator inflammatory intestinal disorders at Tytgat Institute of Amsterdam Medical Centre
Prof. Dr. Bert ’t Hart, Professor of Neuroimmunology at UMC Groningen and Head of the Dept of Immunobiology at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre
Dr. Clara Belzer, Microbiologist in tenure track at Wageningen University, leading research into the microbiome
Drs. Lilian Jans-Beken, Promovenda Positive Psychology at the Open Universiteit, leading research into the association of gratitude, psychological disorders and mental well-being.
Dr. Raymond Pieters, Senior University Lecturer Immunotoxicology at Utrecht University, with focus on a.o. biomarkers of health
Drs. Karen Knipping, Scientist/Researcher Immunololgy and Allergy at Nutricia Research, with focus on measuring biomarkers in healthy and unhealthy situations

Members  Reflection Group “Science”

Prof. dr. Berent Prakken, Professor of Paediatric Immunology and Manager Education & Research at UMC Utrecht
Prof. Dr. Timothy Radstake, Rheumatologist and Professor of Translational Immunology at UMC Utrecht, Clinical Entrepreneur and Board Member of Roadmap on Systems Medicine in the European Union
Prof. Dr. Johan Garssen, Professor of Immunopharmacology at the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences at Utrecht University and R&D Director of the Immunology Platform at Danone Nutricia Research
Prof. Dr. Mieke Boots, Professor of Immunology at the Dept of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology at UMC Groningen, Board Member of the NVVI (Dutch Society of Immunologists)
Dr. Machteld Huber, Doctor-researcher at ZonMw, received Parel Award for her research into the new definition of health and founder of the Positive Health Institute
Prof. Dr. Andrea Evers, Professor of Health-, Medical and Neuropsychology at Leiden University, focussing on psychobiological factors in somatic disorders (amongst which immunology)

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